DMARC Record CHeck


The DMARC Record Lookup, also known as DMARC Check, serves as a diagnostic tool designed to analyze the DMARC Record associated with a queried domain. It not only displays the DMARC Record but also conducts a series of diagnostic assessments on the record.

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Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) is a framework that facilitates the distribution of policies by organizations originating email messages. These policies convey domain-level preferences and guidelines related to message validation, disposition, and reporting.

DMARC Records establish a standardized approach for email originators to connect and validate domain identifiers with their messages. They also specify how to apply message policies based on these identifiers and provide reporting on email using these identifiers.

As per RFC 7489, DMARC, as a policy distribution mechanism, ensures the rigorous handling of email messages that fail authentication checks, such as SPF and/or DKIM. In cases where neither of these authentication methods succeeds, DMARC instructs the recipient on how to manage the message, which may involve sending it to the junk folder (quarantine) or rejecting it outright.

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