Industrial PCs for AI Automation

The power of industrial PCs for AI Automation is undeniable. By uniting the processing power of centralized AI with the flexibility of an edge AI system, you can unleash the potential of your entire operation. By reducing the need for costly and time-consuming human labor, you can achieve greater efficiency and accuracy in your production […]

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DMARC: Stop Hackers from Scamming Your Staff

DMARC is a security protocol that helps organizations prevent email-based attacks. It stands for “Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance,” and it works by verifying the authenticity of email messages and stopping counterfeit notes from reaching their intended recipients. DMARC is essential because it can help organizations stop hackers from impersonating their staff and sending […]

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medical pc

Medical PC Defined

Medical PC Definition Medical PCs or medical computers are developed with the healthcare industry in mind. To be called medical grade, a personal computer for the healthcare industry must carry the UL/IEC60601-1 certification. After passing rigorous safety and performance tests, medical computers earn IEC 60601-1 certification. Validation is an additional safety measure that guarantees the […]

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