Tangent brings you the latest in thermal camera technology with our skin temperature detecting kiosk.

Keeping Safe With A Skin Temperature Detecting Kiosk

Stores all across the country are facing a critical question: How can reopening be done in a safe manner? While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to reopening, there are steps that each store can take to ensuring that the most is being done to keep employees and customers safe. One such solution is the use of a Skin Temperature Detecting Kiosk from Tangent, which can safely take the skin temperature of both customers and employees in a contactless manner.

Keeping Safe With A Skin Temperature Detecting Kiosk From Tangent

It may seem odd to think that a kiosk can help with reopening efforts. However, with a Skin Temperature Detecting Kiosk from Tangent, reopening can be done safely and efficiently. Fevers are one of the common symptoms of infection, and everywhere from hospitals to schools are using some form of temperature detection in their entry-screening process.

But with hospitals and schools, typically the same amount of people arrive and leave at a preset schedule. Stores have the unique property of having constant foot traffic. Taking an individual’s temperature is a timely process, and very quickly can lead to large lines. Worse, these slow methods put your employees at risk by keeping them in close contact with potentially infectious persons.

With a Skin Temperature Detecting Kiosk from Tangent, this work can be done in an automated and safe process.

Automated Skin Temperature Detection With Tangent

Skin Temperature Detecting Kiosks from Tangent work by detecting the presence of people in entry ways. Simply set a Kiosk up near a doorway, and the thermal camera will pick up anybody who passes by, whether they are a customer or employee. The thermal camera and screen will then guide the person through having their skin temperature checked in a touchless process. In as little as one second, employees and customers can have their temperature checked.

If a person’s skin temperature exceeds the limit you set, a silent or audible alarm will be triggered to alert staff. Staff can then double check the person’s internal temperature with traditional methods or simply ask the person to leave. The Skin Temperature Detecting Kiosk from Tangent allows you to retake control of your business and the decisions behind it.

Reopen Confidently With Tangent

Reopening does not have to put you, your workers, or your business at-risk. Keep everyone at your store safe with a Skin Temperature Detecting Kiosk from Tangent. Contact Tangent Sales today to learn more about our Skin Temperature Detecting Kiosk, and how your store can acquire one.

Detection Kiosk For Elevated Skin temperature Detection

Easily Take Customer’s Temperature With A Temperature Scanner Kiosk

Keeping both customers and employees safe during this pandemic is the first priority of every essential business. But with case numbers around the U.S. continuing to increase, keeping businesses open in a safe manner is becoming increasingly difficult. How can businesses ensure that only uninfected persons enter their store? Thermal Temperature Scanner Kiosks can help stores, hospitals, and other essential businesses screen patients for symptoms before they enter the facility.

Thermal Temperature Scanner Kiosks From Tangent

With a thermal temperature scanner kiosk from Tangent, screening patrons for symptoms of infection can be done in a safe and effective manner. Customers simply stand in front of the thermal temperature scanner kiosk and have their skin temperature checked in under one second. Then, customers showing elevated skin temperatures can be directed into another area for fever detection, or simply told they are not allowed to enter the premises.

With a thermal temperature scanner kiosk from Tangent, employees do not have to be put in harm’s way to detect a patron’s skin temperature. Instead, they can stay safe and away from entering customers who are having their skin temperature checked.

AI Thermal Scanner Built In

With mask requirements becoming the norm around the country, enforcing this requirement in stores has proved a challenge. The AI thermal scanner built into Tangent’s kiosk not only detects a person’s skin temperature, but can also detect if they are wearing a mask. If your facility requires the usage of face masks for entry, patrons who are not wearing a mask will be informed of this requirement. This AI thermal scanner keeps confrontations between employees and customers to a minimum.

This AI thermal scanner technology allows for a seamless skin temperature detection process. Patrons do not have to touch the kiosk at all, and can stand away from it and have their skin temperature automatically detected. This hands-free approach using an AI thermal scanner allows for less cleanings, and more sanitary conditions over all.

The AI thermal scanner technology allows employees to stay safely away from potentially infectious persons. If a person is found to have an elevated skin temperature, a silent or audible alarm is triggered. This customization allows stores, hospitals, and other facilities to handle their customers in the best possible way for their unique situation.

Smart Temperature Detection For Stores, Hospitals, And More

With a Thermal Temperature Scanner Kiosk from Tangent, there is a way to help keep your customers and employees safe during these trying times. With a built in AI thermal scanner, Tangent’s Thermal Temperature Scanner Kiosk helps both customers and employees feel safe and comfortable in their essential needs.

Thermal Scanner Kiosk Tangent

Thermal Temperature Scanner For Elevated Skin Temperature Detection

In these times, taking every precaution possible is crucial to the mitigation of the pandemic. While some infected persons show no symptoms, many do show symptoms. Screening for signs of these symptoms has already been in place for many places such as hospitals for denying entry to potentially infected persons. With a Heatview Thermal Temperature Scanner Kiosk, businesses can screen both employees and customers for elevated skin temperatures.

Thermal Temperature Scanner Kiosk: Firstline Of Defense

While thermal scanner guns are an effective way to scan potential entrants for fevers, there are some drawbacks to this approach. Firstly, these thermal scanners are slow and methodical, requiring constant cleaning and resetting by employees. Secondly, it puts the very employees using them at greater risk of infection.

While thermal scanner guns are important for scanning directly for fevers, their speed can greatly be increased with the inclusion of a Thermal Temperature Scanner Kiosk in the entry process. As a first line of defense, the Thermal Temperature Scanner Kiosk can safely measure a person’s skin temperature from a distance.

If a person’s skin temperature is outside your customized acceptable temperature range, a silent or audible alarm will be triggered. Then, in a safe and controlled manner your staff will be able to assess the potentially infectious person.

Thermal Scanners: Touchless and Sanitary

Unlike other thermal scanners, the Thermal Temperature Scanner Kiosk is built to be a sanitary experience. Patrons can stand as much as six feet away from the thermal scanner kiosk,, and be scanned entirely via voice commands. Patrons never have to directly touch the Thermal Temperature Scanner Kiosk, cutting down the number of times the kiosk needs to be sanitized.

The Thermal Temperature Scanner Kiosk also uses an AI based detection system to see if the patron is wearing a facemask. If your facility requires facemasks and the patron is without one, the kiosk will inform them of this requirement. Staff can then be ready to handle the patron accordingly.

Thermal Scanner Kiosks: The Best First Step

Reopening your businesses does not have to be as much of a risky process. With Thermal Temperature Scanner Kiosk as your first line of defense, entrants can be screened for elevated skin temperatures and both employees and customers can feel comfortable.