Good posture at medical computers is important

Good Sitting Posture At Your Medical Computer

As the pandemic continues on, your doctors are no doubt making more use of their medical computers for telehealth purposes. Loosening restrictions by the federal government have made implementing telehealth solutions in the hospital easier and safer than ever. But as a consequence of this, doctors are spending more time sitting down at their medical computers with patients than they normally would. We’ve come up with some great ways to ensure that your doctors and nurses maintain good health by maintaining good posture at their medical computers.

Why Sitting Posture At Medical Computers Is Important

Medical computers are tools designed to increase the wellbeing of others, but without proper posture these efforts can have a negative impact on a doctor’s health. Poor sitting posture can lead to:

  • Increased strain on the body
  • Reduced spine health
  • Above average damage to joints and muscles.

Over time the lasting consequences of poor posture can negatively impact one’s quality of life, and lead to health complications down the road. But the negative health effects of poor posture can easily be avoided.

Maintaining Good Posture In The Hospital

Good posture isn’t just something you learn, it’s a lifestyle decision that you live each day. For doctors at medical computers, posture is something that can be practiced each day to increase overall health.

When sitting at your medical computer, it is important to avoid crossing your knees and ankles, as this can put unnecessary strain on the joints and muscles of these body parts. Keep your legs in front of you, inline with your hips. Likewise, keep your arms at right angles towards the keyboard. Your medical computer should have standard VESA mounting, and be capable of being adjusted directly to eye level. You don’t want to be straining your neck to look down at your medical computer’s monitor.

Above all, make sure you are sitting up straight. It is more than tempting to slink back into your chair, but keeping your chair flush against your back can prevent a slow fall into this position. Your height plays a big factor into all of this, make sure that your desk and medical computer are calibrated to your height accordingly. Your equipment should work around you, not the other way around.

Maintain Good Posture With Tangent

The posture of your doctors is crucial to your hospital’s long term success. Health doctors make healthy patients, and tangent is here to help. Tangent’s lineup of medical computers are capable of being mounted, making them easy to customize for an individual’s unique posture requirements. Give your doctors the posture aid they need with medical computers from Tangent.

Tangent is a leading supplier of medical grade computers. Sanitizable computers help prevent infections in hospitals.

Tangent industrial grade computers

Industrial Grade Computers For Chemical Processing

Chemical processing and refining plants are some of the most technologically advanced and complex industrial facilities known to man. The changing of one group of compounds into another is a process that requires time, energy, and money. But there is a way to save all three of these during the course of production. With industrial grade computers from Tangent, your chemical processing plant can achieve a level of production unseen.

Industrial Computers For Chemical Processing

We are in the midst of a new industrial revolution. Utilizing the power of industrial grade computers, factories are transforming into smart factories. That’s not just some label either, sensors, cameras, and tracking systems are working in tandem with industrial grade computers to produce levels of productivity only before dreamed of. Chemical processing plants don’t have to miss out on this revolution either.

Rugged Mini O Industrial Computer From Tangent
Rugged Mini O From Tangent

With industrial grade computers from Tangent, smart chemical plants are possible. Industrial grade computers like the Rugged Mini O from Tangent are perfect for chemical processing plants. With a rugged exterior and IP69K certification, the Rugged Mini O can take any beating that your chemical processing plant throws at it. With full water resistance and dust resistance, this industrial grade computer can work in nearly any environment in your facility and maintain your computational needs.

Industrial Grade Computers For Monitoring

With the transition to a smart facility comes the need to parse and understand vasts swaths of data. Luckily, with an industrial grade computer by your chemical engineers’ side this is completely manageable. Industrial grade computers like the Vita KW are perfectly suited for monitoring data. With a large touchscreen, workers can easily take a peek into what is happening during production without halting it.

VITA KW Line of Industrial PCs
VITA KW Line Of Industrial Computers

With a system of sensors and production modules such as RFID trackers, your workers can manage the supply and output of your industrial equipment with ease.

Do More With Tangent

It’s no secret that with better technology, productivity increases. With Tangent industrial computers by your side, your productivity can increase and help your facility enter into the future as a smart facility. Chemical processing plants are poised for a revolution in productivity, contact Tangent Sales to learn more about how our lineup of industrial grade computers can aid your facility.

Tangent is a leading supplier of medical grade computers. Sanitizable computers help prevent infections in hospitals.

dump truck on a dusty road delivers crushed stone to the storage of building road materials in order to show Tangent industrial computers in use while in a vehicle

Weatherproof Industrial Computers For Outside And Vehicle Use

While the ongoing pandemic has brought uncertainty to U.S. manufacturers and oil refiners, there is now even more to worry about. As fall approaches, the weather is changing. With the seasonal change comes an unprecedented double hurricane event. Weather phenomena like these are nearly certain to continue occurring as the climate changes. With weatherproof industrial computers from Tangent, unpredictable weather patterns don’t have to impede on your business.

Industrial Computers For In-Vehicle Use

Industrial machines are meant to be rugged, and capable of taking on the worst that weather can offer. Their industrial computers shouldn’t be any different. With Tangent’s line of mini rugged industrial computers, your industrial vehicles can finally have the complementing computing power they need.

Mini rugged pcs are industrial computers specifically designed for operation in small spaces such as inside an industrial vehicle. What sets Tangent’s lineup of mini industrial computers apart from others is their sheer ruggedness. Mini industrial PCs like the Rugged Mini O from Tangent are the perfect fit for industrial vehicle use in rough weather.

The Rugged Mini O sports an IP69K certification. That means it is both fully dustproof and waterproof. Need an industrial vehicle to operate in a dry, dusty environment? No problem for the Rugged Mini O. Have an industrial vehicle in a flood prone area? No need to worry about your industrial equipment, the Rugged Mini O has you covered.

Industrial Computers For Outdoor Use

Just like when in industrial vehicles, mini rugged industrial computers from Tangent operate with ease in outdoor conditions. Whether they are used on oil rigs, or in mining operations, rugged mini industrial computers from Tangent can handle the job. With IP certifications across the board, mini industrial computers can handle both dust and water.

With worsening weather conditions, keeping your industrial equipment alive and operational will be harder and harder to achieve each year. But with industrial computers from Tangent, your facility, whether it is an oil rig or factory, can be prepared for the worst.

Industrial Computers: There When Needed

When you need reliable industrial computers, look no further than Tangent. Contact Tangent Sales today to learn more about our rugged industrial computer lineup, and how it can assist you in your industrial efforts.

How To Easily Take Customer’s Skin Temperatures

Taking customer’s skin temperatures has become one of the most widespread ways to screen for symptoms of infection during this pandemic. While fever detection may be useful, it also has its drawbacks. Take for instance, Disneyworld’s approach to fever screening. Patrons have their temperature taken by park staff using handheld fever detectors. If their temperature exceeds the normal range, they are asked to step into a cooling tent and given water. If after a second test they are found to have a fever, they are asked to leave.

While this approach does weed out potentially infected persons, it has one fatal flaw: it asks the workers to be in direct contact with potentially infected persons. One slip-up, and the entire screening staff could become infected. Detecting fevers using staff simply puts too much risk on your workers and your business. But there is another way.

With a Elevated Skin Temperature Detection Kiosk from Tangent, fever detection efforts do not have to put workers at risk.

Elevated Skin Temperature Detection Kiosk

With an Elevated Skin Temperature Detection Kiosk from Tangent, detecting symptoms of fevers does not have to put workers at risk. Simply place the Elevated Skin Temperature Detection Kiosk in your business’ entryway. Then, the automated thermal camera will detect when customers approach and guide them to have their skin temperature checked.

In a handsfree process, the thermal kiosk guides the patron through having their temperature checked. In as little as one second, the A.I. powered thermal camera scans the patron’s skin for their temperature. If their temperature meets your preset range, they are cleared for entry. If it exceeds your range, a silent or audible alarm will trigger to alert staff.

What happens next is completely at your discretion. Ask the patron to leave, or have their temperature double checked with a traditional fever detector. In either case, you are in control of what happens to your business.

Elevated Skin Temperature Detection Kiosk: More Than Just Temperature Checking

The Elevated Skin Temperature Detection Kiosk also comes equipped with a face mask detector, allowing you to ask patrons who are not wearing masks to put one on. This prevents potentially aggressive encounters between agitated patrons and your staff. This optional feature is perfect for businesses with a mandatory mask policy.


With an Elevated Skin Temperature Detection Kiosk, you are in control of what happens to your business. Contact Tangent Sales today to learn more about this Elevated Skin Temperature Detection Kiosk, and more ways to stay safe.

Medical tablets for first responders

Medical Computers For First Responders

We all know of the ongoing pandemic that is currently scarring the nation, but as the pandemic continues on so does the progression of seasons. We are seeing earlier starts to both fire seasons in states like California and Hurricane season on the Atlantic coast. California is currently battling multiple large fires, two of which are now the second and third largest in the state’s history. On the east coast, two hurricanes are forming and expected to make landfall. With a worsening climate, being prepared for longer disaster seasons will be crucial for effective community medical care. To that end, Tangent has developed medical computer tablets that can be used by first responders and medical professionals alike to help disaster relief efforts on multiple fronts.

Medical Computer Tablets For Disaster Relief

Helping people is the top priority of every first responder, doctor, and hospital in the nation. But during wide scale disasters, this priority may be hard to manage. Maintaining the chain of command is essential to organizing aid efforts. With medical tablets from Tangent, this can be accomplished.

Medical tablets from Tangent are fully capable of receiving and sending medical correspondence. This helps ensure that your first responders are capable of receiving new orders, no matter where they are during a fire or hurricane.

Medical computer tablets from Tangent are lightweight, versatile pieces of medical equipment that can aid first responders in their disaster relief efforts. With touchscreens, medical professionals and first responders can have quick access to patient information on the move. These touchscreens are also antimicrobial, which can help save vital disinfecting time during this pandemic.

On The Field, In The Hospital: Medical Computer Tablets

While you may think of medical computer tablets as being used in just the hospital, they are actually versatile enough to be used in the field too. Tangent has designed their medical tablets to be of use to everyone from doctors to firefighters, with the same functionally and software support across this spectrum. Contact Tangent Computer sales today for more information on how medical tablets can help your disaster relief efforts.

Tangent Medical Computers Medicare And Telehealth

Is Medicare’s Telehealth Expansion Here To Stay?

Earlier in the year, the federal government loosened regulations surrounding the use of telehealth on medical computers due to the ongoing pandemic. Since then, Medicare’s 62.5 million enrollees have had access to their doctors remotely, with at least 10 million making use of telehealth programs since March. Telehealth on medical computers has been reviewed positively, with 91% of feedback being positive. But the widespread use of telehealth has only been possible due to loosening regulations. Will telehealth on medical computers be around next year, and into the future?

What Is Telehealth On Medical Computers?

Simply put, telehealth on medical computers is a way for doctors to visit with their patients virtually. Telehealth has been a part of the medical field for as long as medical computers have been around, in the form of patient-doctor emails and more. With today’s modern medical computer technology, telehealth has taken on a new form.

With medical computers sporting advanced microphones and built-in cameras, doctors are now able to use medical programs to video-call with their patients. While the use of such programs on medical computers has been restricted due to privacy concerns, the pandemic has forced legislators to make exceptions.

With these looser regulations, patients are able to visit with their doctors remotely in a safe and effective manner. High-risk patients, such as those typically enrolled in Medicare, are able to have their medical needs met without putting themselves or others at risk. They also save time and money by not having to organize a trip to the hospital.

Will Telehealth Always Be Available After The Pandemic?

The big question is whether the looser regulations will survive after the pandemic has been quelled. While there are a number of bills on capitol hill currently vying to be the next pandemic response bill, the HEALS act proposed by the Senate offers some clues to how legislators are feeling about telehealth.

The HEALS act would allow for the looser telehealth regulations to stay in place until at least 2021. While congress has gone on recess for the remainder of this month and this bill is unlikely to be passed, it sheds light on how congress sees telehealth: in a positive light.

Telehealth has always been in use in hospitals to some degree, and now that patients are getting more acclimated to it, it is unlikely to go away. If congress passes an extension on the loosened regulations, telehealth may prove to be a pandora’s box that simply cannot be closed. But this would be a win-win for both hospitals and patients. Hospitals can organize more appointments for their doctors in less time, and patients no longer have to carve out as much time in their busy schedules.

How Hospitals Can Prepare For Broad Telehealth Use

When 91% of people like telehealth, it is almost a fact that hospitals that use telehealth will have a leg up on those who are not. The easiest way to upgrade your hospital to be more telehealth accessible is with medical grade computers from Tangent. Medical grade computers from Tangent have built-in microphones and cameras, and are telehealth ready right out of the box.

Bolster Your Telehealth Efforts With Tangent

It’s never too late to get ahead of the curve, especially when it comes to Telehealth. Contact a Tangent sales representative today to learn more about our lineup of medical grade computers.

Tangent brings you the latest in thermal camera technology with our skin temperature detecting kiosk.

Keeping Safe With A Skin Temperature Detecting Kiosk

Stores all across the country are facing a critical question: How can reopening be done in a safe manner? While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to reopening, there are steps that each store can take to ensuring that the most is being done to keep employees and customers safe. One such solution is the use of a Skin Temperature Detecting Kiosk from Tangent, which can safely take the skin temperature of both customers and employees in a contactless manner.

Keeping Safe With A Skin Temperature Detecting Kiosk From Tangent

It may seem odd to think that a kiosk can help with reopening efforts. However, with a Skin Temperature Detecting Kiosk from Tangent, reopening can be done safely and efficiently. Fevers are one of the common symptoms of infection, and everywhere from hospitals to schools are using some form of temperature detection in their entry-screening process.

But with hospitals and schools, typically the same amount of people arrive and leave at a preset schedule. Stores have the unique property of having constant foot traffic. Taking an individual’s temperature is a timely process, and very quickly can lead to large lines. Worse, these slow methods put your employees at risk by keeping them in close contact with potentially infectious persons.

With a Skin Temperature Detecting Kiosk from Tangent, this work can be done in an automated and safe process.

Automated Skin Temperature Detection With Tangent

Skin Temperature Detecting Kiosks from Tangent work by detecting the presence of people in entry ways. Simply set a Kiosk up near a doorway, and the thermal camera will pick up anybody who passes by, whether they are a customer or employee. The thermal camera and screen will then guide the person through having their skin temperature checked in a touchless process. In as little as one second, employees and customers can have their temperature checked.

If a person’s skin temperature exceeds the limit you set, a silent or audible alarm will be triggered to alert staff. Staff can then double check the person’s internal temperature with traditional methods or simply ask the person to leave. The Skin Temperature Detecting Kiosk from Tangent allows you to retake control of your business and the decisions behind it.

Reopen Confidently With Tangent

Reopening does not have to put you, your workers, or your business at-risk. Keep everyone at your store safe with a Skin Temperature Detecting Kiosk from Tangent. Contact Tangent Sales today to learn more about our Skin Temperature Detecting Kiosk, and how your store can acquire one.

Industrial Computers from Tangent

Keep Workers Safe With Automation

As the pandemic continues to make its ways through the country, it is more important than ever to keep your workers safe. Workers in factories, food processing plants, refrigerated facilities, and oil rigs all work together in close quarters. This means that the potential for an outbreak is real, and can have lasting effects on your workers and business. Keeping your workers safe is paramount during this time, and one of the best ways to keep them safe is to advance your facilities’ automation efforts.

Automation With Industrial Computers

Automation may seem like a sort of catch-all phrase, but it can have tangible benefits for your facility. With industrial computers, automating your facility doesn’t have to be a headache. Today’s industrial computers are fast, efficient, and easy to use. Take the Rugged Mini E3 industrial computer from Tangent for instance. With 32 gigabytes of RAM, this industrial grade computer is capable of multitasking unlike any other industrial computer. This amount of RAM allows the E3 mini industrial computer to run numerous industrial automation systems simultaneously and without delay.

With an industrial grade computer like the Rugged Mini E3, your facility can run more automated programs with less computers. This allows you to have less workers on the factory floor, and therefore create more social distancing in your facility. Workers stay safe, and the productivity of your facility skyrockets.

Create Worker “Bubbles” With Industrial Computers

With more systems automated, your workers can reorganize their efforts and consolidate tasks. This can allow you to make worker “bubbles,” wherein workers only interact with the same few workers each day. This ensures that if an outbreak does occur at your facility, that it only affects a small number of workers as opposed to all of them. This also allows workers to rethink how they do their job, and find new and creative ways to be productive.

For instance, workers can use time they would otherwise spend going around your facility on their industrial computers. By creating pockets of workers and giving them their tasks via industrial computer, their workload is always present and ready for them.

Do It All With Tangent

One of the easiest ways to keep your industrial workers safe is by keeping them distanced. With industrial computers from Tangent, this is not only achievable, but cost effective. Learn more by contacting Tangent Sales today.

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How To Measure Skin Temperatures Quickly

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to screening for symptoms of the virus during this pandemic, there are ways of performing screenings for symptomatic individuals. The NBA is strictly monitoring everyone in their bubble’s daily temperatures to ensure that any outbreak is immediately discovered. While not every store, hospital, and essential business has access to individual temperature monitoring technology for every worker and patron, there are solutions that can help these places screen for virus symptoms. With a Thermal Imaging Kiosk From Tangent, multiple people can be safely and accurately screened with a single device.

Thermal Imaging Kiosk: Safe And Effective

What is a Thermal Imaging Kiosk? A Thermal Imaging Kiosk allows hospitals, stores, and facilities to safely and accurately measure the temperature of anyone entering said place. From workers to patrons, healthcare workers to patients, a Thermal Imaging Kiosk from Tangent can take their skin temperature.

The Thermal Imaging Kiosk works by being placed in the entryway to your facility. From there, the touchless kiosk automatically scans any person in front of it for an elevated skin temperature. In under a second, the Thermal Imaging Kiosk takes the person’s skin temperature and gives the information to both the person, and whoever is tasked in your facility for monitoring the entryway.

Tangent temperature scanner thermal camera
Encourage Social Distancing With Temperature Scanner Kiosks

The Thermal Imaging Kiosk is fully touchless, and requires far less cleaning than traditional temperature scanners because of this. What’s more, one Thermal Imaging Kiosk can do the work of thousands of individual temperature tests in one day.

Temperature Scanning Made Easy

If a patron is found to have an elevated skin temperature, the Temperature Scanning Kiosk will trigger a silent or audible alarm (user preference) to alert security or staff of the posed risk. The entrant can then be taken aside for further temperature scanning or simply be asked to leave the premise. With a Temperature Scanning Kiosk from Tangent, workers no longer have to be put at constant risk by manually taking temperatures.

The biggest downside to using handheld temperature scanners is that they require medical staff to stand in close proximity to potentially infected persons. With temperature scanner kiosks, this liability is completely eliminated. Patients or medical staff entering a hospital simply have to approach the kiosk, and with touch-free voice commands have their temperature taken.
Safely And Accurately Measure Temperatures

The AI powered Temperature Scanning Kiosk from Tangent uses the latest in skin temperature thermal imaging technology to get a fast and accurate read on an entrant’s skin temperature. This makes the Temperature Scanning Kiosk the perfect first line of defense against the virus.

AI Powered Mask Detection

We have all seen videos of situations quickly escalating because staff asked a patron to wear a face covering. Even though masks should not be controversial, this is the current state of affairs. With an AI Powered Temperature Scanning Kiosk from Tangent, employees do not have to be put in these aggressive situations.


The AI driven Temperature Scanning Kiosk can detect if a person is wearing a mask, and inform the entrant of the mask requirement of your facility if your facility has one. This takes out the human element of this mandate, and can lead to less conflicts overall.

AI Powered, Thermal Imaging, Temperature Scanning Kiosks: Ready For You

The reality of the pandemic is that only by taking every possible precaution, can we get through this. With a Temperature Scanning Kiosk from Tangent, precautions can be taken without shifting the risks to your workers. Contact Tangent sales today for more information on our Thermal Imaging Kiosk.

Tangent is a leading supplier of medical grade computers. Sanitizable computers help prevent infections in hospitals.

Industrial computers Tangent food processing Plants

Preventing Disease Spread In Food Processing Plants

How often should a food processing plant be in the news? Ideally, never. But as the pandemic continues on, food processing plants have come up more and more often in the news as potential hot-spots for infection. While these facilities are crucial to supplying Americans with the food they need, it is nevertheless important to acknowledge that poor working conditions and workplace hazards are a detriment to the branding of any company. Food processing plants are no exception, and preventing disease spread in your food processing plant is crucial to protecting employee lives, keeping the facility running smoothly, and maintaining your brand.

Perform Strict Virus Testing

The easiest solution to preventing an outbreak at your food processing plant is to ensure that one can never start in the first place. Remember, it is always better to be overly cautious now than to be dealing with strikes, plant closures, and lawsuits later. These outcomes could be disastrous for your facility, and preventing them is crucial.

Tyson Foods has implemented a weekly virus testing policy for all of its food processing plant workers. This is a bold step in the right direction. While it may be costly in the short term to perform weekly testing, a full food processing plant closure will be extremely costly in the long term. Keeping workers safe is the same as keeping your plant open during this pandemic.

Increase Safety Measures

While your food processing plant has more than likely already implemented some safety measures, it is time to implement the very extremest of measures. It is not enough for employees to wear masks and be tested regularly, they must also maintain social distance and keep their industrial hygiene at its peak.

Rugged Mini O Industrial Computer From Tangent
Rugged Mini O From Tangent

Industrial hygiene is crucial during this pandemic. Workers should be able to clean their industrial computers regularly. Industrial computers like the Mini O from Tangent are fully waterproof, receiving the highest IP rating (IP69K) for water resistance. Implementing these industrial computers into your facility will allow workers to fully sanitize their industrial computers before and after use. These strict measures can help ensure that asymptomatic workers do not become the point of an outbreak for your food processing plant.

Augment Your Facility To Handle Social Distancing

Your food processing plant may be experiencing some level of social distancing currently, but chances are these measures have resulted in diminished productivity. Simply removing some workers from one area without altering the way your facility is set up is wasting both labor and space.

It may be time to reimagine your food processing plant entirely. With the addition of industrial grade computers, the amount of workers that need to be in one place can be drastically reduced. Small, rugged mini industrial computers from Tangent can be placed in virtually any situation. With extreme water resistance, temperature resistance, and fanless designs, mini industrial computers from Tangent can fit into your food processing plant and augment the way you do business.

Stay Safe With Tangent

Neither your or your workers want an outbreak to occur at your food processing plant. With industrial computers from Tangent, the chances of this occurring can be reduced. Contact Tangent sales today for more information on our lineup of durable and safe industrial computers.

Tangent is a leading supplier of medical grade computers. Sanitizable computers help prevent infections in hospitals.