Tangent Medical Computers November 2020

Telehealth On Medical Computers Is Here To Stay

It’s no secret that Telehealth is on track to become the next big leap in healthcare technology. But some experts, employers, and hospitals may be hesitant to make such a leap. It may seem as though telemedicine on medical computers is only a necessity due to the pandemic. However, as Forbes points out, telehealth is not only here to stay, but it is high time for everyone to get on board.

Telehealth visits doubled in March of this year alone. The level of telehealth visits has continued to increase each month, and has remained stable in the last. Simply put, telehealth has proven itself as a staple of healthcare. Gone are the days when telehealth was an added bonus in employer healthcare plans. Telehealth is here to stay, and there are a few ways that both employers and healthcare providers can prepare for this new future.

Giving Employees Access To Telehealth

One of the major hurdles to supplying adequate telehealth capabilities to employees on a company healthcare plan is the technology they use. If a company has a bring-your-own-device policy for remote work, they may be unable to use telehealth services effectively. This can potentially bar them from receiving the healthcare they need. In order to rectify this, companies should explore subsidizing purchases of new computer equipment and internet service provider plans of their employees.

With upgraded computing capabilities, employees will be able to both see their doctor virtually and perform their work more efficiently. It’s a win for both employers and employees.

Hospitals And Telehealth

While employers should be thinking about how their employees receive healthcare, so too should hospitals. While there is no doubt that your hospital has some telehealth capacity now, this capacity may be strained in the coming months as more physical hospital space is dedicated to fighting infections. If your hospital needs to cancel in-person visits entirely, you must also be prepared to transition patient care to the virtual setting.

Tangent's Medical Computers Are There When You Need Them
Tangent’s Medical Computers Are There When You Need Them

This can easily be accomplished with medical computers from Tangent. Tangent’s lineup of medical computers has been custom built for telehealth for years. At the same time, medical computers like the Medix M24T are also designed to be versatile additions to your hospital. When not in use during telehealth appointments, the M24T can run a variety of medical grade software applications. In addition, all of Tangent’s medical computers come with full touchscreens and antimicrobial coatings for both ease of use and maximum safety.

Telehealth On Tangent Medical Computers

Telehealth has become a crucial method for hospitals to connect with their patients in a safe and effective manner. With Tangent, telehealth appointments can be booked and completed in a breeze. Contact Tangent Sales today for more information on our telehealth systems.