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Hardware Technical Support from Tangent

At Tangent, we understand the frustration that comes with encountering hardware issues without the necessary support. Although you may be out of manufacturer coverage, your facility deserves dependable and trustworthy assistance. Our dedicated US-based support team delivers the highest standard of service you can rely on.

Out of Warranty Coverage

If you find yourself with Oracle Cerner hardware past the 12 month date of purchase and need technical support, Tangent has you covered.

Our world-class service and maintenance are offered for a period of 4 additional coverage years.

Drawing upon decades of experience in medical and industrial hardware, our clientele encompasses tier one companies, hospitals, as well as defense and government-level partners. Recognizing the significance of our clients’ operations, we provide dependable technical support to ensure the proper functioning of your hardware. Tangent is committed to delivering exceptional and reliable service.

What our Customers say:

“Tangent is one of the partners I can trust. I will continue to do business with them because I know they will take care of me.”

CIO at a California Healthcare Facility

“The support I get from Tangent will keep me as a client no matter who else comes out with a product. I know if something comes up, I can count on Tangent to help us through it.”

County IT Department Lead from Maine

Tangent Hardware Technical Support Includes:


Our Tangent support team can help identify and resolve hardware-related problems. This may include diagnosing issues with components like CPUs, RAM, and hard drives.


Your hardware performs critical functions, we ensure it continues operating reliably by providing guidance for maintaining and cleaning it. This may include advice on software updates, firmware upgrades, and hardware upgrades if necessary.


Hardware malfunctions can be caused by faulty components. Tangents repair technicians are best-in-class offering comprehensive repair or replacement.

24 x 7 Support

Tangent offers technical support and customer service through our professionally trained and certified support staff. When you contact Tangent Tech Support, we will ask you to participate in limited, phone-based troubleshooting to help identify the cause of the problem. Tangent Tech Support’s focus on remote troubleshooting helps expedite the service you need to quickly get you back to using your technology with minimum downtime.

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