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Why Is Social Media Compliance & Archiving Important for Businesses?

August 18, 2017 By Edmund Ewell - Archive Support Engineer

Why Is Social Media Compliance & Archiving Important for Businesses?

Written by: Guest Blogger - April Hatton

Social media provides an easy way for a business or entity to reach out to a large audience at the same time. Whether it is a YouTube video regarding a new product or a quick tweet to raise brand awareness, everyone uses social media to interact at various levels including existing customers, potential prospects, and company employees. With so much chatter going on, it can be difficult to stay on top of this traffic.

Social media definitely generates lower cost leads and allows important feedback to be obtained from your customers. As part of this communication advancement, businesses must remain compliant with set regulations in order to manage this information appropriately. This includes archiving the right information from multiple platforms as well as staying off the regulatory radar.
Benefits of Social Media Compliance Measures
The dictionary defines compliance as “the state or fact of according with or meeting rules or standards”. As more businesses move toward a technology based method of operations, the information being managed by these methods must comply with certain regulations and standards. Social media compliance policies are essential because they define standards for use and regulation fulfillment. Here are six good reasons why every business should be taking steps to ensure social media compliance:

  • Reduces the Risk of Non-Compliant Messages
  • Makes it Possible to Reproduce Entire Conversations
  • Easier to Protect Business & Brand Credibility
  • Helps Companies Identify Internal Risks
  • Aids in Remaining Clear of Regulators & Reviews
  • Easy to Quickly Accommodate Record Requests
With the appropriate measures in place, information sent across these platforms may be monitored to make certain posted content is accurate. These same checks and balances make it possible to determine if employees are disobeying defined policies. Preventative measures such as compliance make it easier to meet the requirements of anyone requesting this information as well. Finally, since discussions often travel across multiple platforms, these steps allow the entire conversation to be recovered as needed with ease.
Archiving Social Media is Part of This Process 

Even if you have policies in place to meet compliance regulations, it is equally imperative to archive this information for quick retrieval at any time. At one time, offices consisted of filing cabinets with carefully managed copies of every document. Today, these items are abundantly stored in the cloud or other digital media. This makes it harder to easily obtain a copy in an unaltered format for regulatory or civil needs.
A policy only informs the social media user of what is acceptable and unacceptable to the company. It does not track what is being sent or assist with the monitoring of these items. Social media archiving is the process of storing information sent across multiple platforms in an unaltered and legally compliant format. Taking steps to archive data according to compliance standards, provides businesses with the following benefits:
  • Easily Accessible Data for Court Cases
  • Elimination of Excess Storage Use on Live Servers
  • Increased Knowledge Management
  • Monitoring and Policy Enforcement Capabilities
  • Improved Productivity for End-Users & IT
Some countries, states, and regions have regulations in place requiring that these items be archived. In these instances, it is imperative to ensure the information sent across social media platforms is archived in the defined manner for the set period of time. Even if there are no current regulations, archiving these items offers additional protection for your business.
DataCove Social Media Archiving is a great way to fulfill regulatory and compliance needs. We offer an effective solution capable of delivering the peace of mind your business needs to meet the required standards with ease!