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October 16, 2015 By Hannah Rachel Smith - Cloud Business Development Rep

Oct 16th, 2015 

“Office 365 is the new Exchange and one will cannibalize the other. The key is to ensure that current Exchange customers can transition on their own terms.”
- Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

Pretty much says it all right there. Directly from the top man himself “Office 365 is the new Exchange”. It’s not a matter of if anymore but when to migrate your Exchange server and you know what they say “no one gets fired for choosing Microsoft, IBM, and Cisco.” 
And why wouldn’t IT want to have Microsoft take on the responsibility and liability themselves?
Complicated upgrade path?
Compliance and Security?
Headache of a Mass Migration?
Tangent offers seamless/painless migration and O365 offers a clear upgrade path, air tight compliance and security in addition to taking on the responsibility themselves of hosting the data.
Complicated upgrade path
If you are an organization running Exchange 2003, 2007, and 2010 you will have to upgrade and migrate at some point. Why not let it be the last migration you ever have to have.
Moving to O365 puts the onus on Microsoft to maintain and upgrade to the latest platform. All the new features, versions and Microsoft technology at your users fingertips as soon as it’s available.
Compliance and Security
It comes down to whether IT wants to spend the money investing in their own infrastructure, ongoing management and maintenance of that infrastructure or outsourcing to another provider. All of which creates a complex and expensive environment. Microsoft has invested billions on billions of dollars into their own infrastructure. They have taken on the cost and the complexity. With this they have reached the highest level of enterprise security possible and meet the most stringent standards (FISMA, Fedramp, FRCP, HIPPA, SEC, ISO 27001 and EU Safe Harbor)
Headache of a Mass Migration
How do customers migrate and upgrade on their terms? As Nadella said, “It’s now just a matter of helping existing Exchange customer migrate on their own terms.” 
Tangent provides a full service migration and training without thought for the customer
Our migration methodologies include options with:

  • Complete migration of Exchange mailboxes, calendars, groups, public folders, contacts, shared mailboxes, distribution groups, and all other attributes of Exchange on Premise.
  • Zero downtime migration for end users
  • Automated deployment of Office 365 to end user devices on corporate domains
  • Extensive training and change management options for end users
  • Complete IT Admin training on managing Office 365
  • 24/7 Premier Support provided by our US-based Cloud Service Desk
  • Dedicated Technical Account Management for optimizing your investments in Microsoft Cloud Solutions
Tangent also offers Hybrid Exchange migrations that allow your organizations to maintain both a presence in the cloud and on premise, and will migrate mailboxes over time to Office 365.
To find out more about our migration methodologies or to receive an assessment of the cost savings and benefits your organization can achieve with Office 365 Exchange Online, please contact [email protected]
Written by Nicholas Luciano