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Not Office 365!!

October 14, 2015 By Walker Hansen - Cloud Business Development Rep

I had to eat my words in an argument today. I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it one bit. I have been telling my colleagues that I am not excited about going to Office 365 because it’s just another web documents service. I hate Google docs. I can’t cut and paste the way I’m used to. All my keyboard shortcuts don’t work. Are you kidding me!!! The only way we’re surviving as a small business is because of my absolute efficiency with Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. If you need me to use my mouse and click on everything … I’d rather use software that’s 10 years old and does NOT look good as long as I can get all my work done fast and efficiently. I’m a small business. I HAVE to multi task. I don’t have the luxury of working on one section of a big project involving 100 people. I have to do many things. Including fixing the coffee machine and sometimes debugging the printer.


So …. It turns out Office 365 is actually both a web software, AND a desktop software at the same time. Now, that is something I can use. I paid Tom the $5 I lost in the bet, and while he was schooling me, he showed me how to login to our Office 365 suite on the browser, and open my Excel file. Excel opened as an actual app on my computer! It wasn’t on the browser. The difference is that it saves all my data actively on the cloud. California power surges … Ha! You can’t destroy my hard work anymore!


I’m going to explore what else Office 365 offers. I just thought I’d share this because I don’t know how many of you out there actually know this yet.