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Is it Plugged in? When was your last Update?

July 13, 2017 By Walker Hansen - Cloud Business Development Rep
Internet Provider Customer Support: “Have you tried turning your modem off and on?”

Appliance Provider Customer Support: “Are you sure it is plugged in?”

Software Solutions Provider Customer Support: “Is your software up to date?”

These may seem like the most basic of questions but a lot of little technical issues can be solved by these simple fixes. Yes, the first two are so obvious that it seems they shouldn’t have even been asked, but the third will often solve the problem for software. As a Solution Provider, I get a lot of technical call requests to figure out bugs, lags, and glitches. Often these simple fixes can be solved with the recommended updates. If there is a technical problem, the engineering team has probably heard about it, and is either working on it, or has rolled out a fix in the latest update.

Recently a customer complained to me that their system was slow, and that they were having trouble navigating their platform smoothly. I soon brought on an engineer to talk tech. We brought up their system and discovered the lagging system was due to 3 years of put off updates, including two major software refreshes and platform changes. The issues they were trying to work around had been updated for 2 years – Updated after a lengthy 3 years worth of patches, everything was resolved!

Updating will help your business efficiency more than the time it takes to work without the update – and if you are still not convinced, consider the cloud. Most Cloud Solutions update automatically, and simply require you to close and reopen the application. Our cloud clients generally don’t even realize they have been updated. Clouds keeps the end user efficient, worry free, and most importantly, doing their job effectively.