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Forget About It

June 13, 2017 By Walker Hansen - Cloud Business Development Rep
The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) gives citizens the right to access information from government funded agencies. As a part of this law, government organizations are required to archive their emails and agency related social media accounts.
FOIA requests, though few and far between can be a piece of cake, or a HUGE legal headache. When someone does request records, agencies must produce, or face costly legal battles. Governments therefore look for an easy to search system with quick support if anything does happen to go wrong.
In general, our customers at Tangent would like to forget about the system all together. A perfect system is one that is plugged in, set up, and left to do its job without any hiccups. With thousands of archivers however, there are the occasional bumps in the road – meaning support should be a large concern for any customer looking to archive. A failure in archiving can mean serious legal fines if data is lost, and because of our support we see many government organizations switching over. With a small business feel, and dedicated support engineers, each customer gets a direct link to an engineer who can help. Our big competitors cannot offer the same level and speed in support. With solutions like email archiving, it pays to not have to worry about your system – for those who still have fears about the possibility of a failure, Tangent will have you back up and running quicker than the others.