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5 Ways Email Archiving Protects Your Business

August 07, 2017 By Edmund Ewell - Archive Support Engineer

5 Ways Email Archiving Protects Your Business Now and in the Future
Written by: Guest Blogger - April Hatton

Whether you are a small business owner or a partner in an enterprise level company, an extensive amount of work is required to start a business and ensure it remains successful. Several measures are taken every day by companies throughout the world to ensure data remains safe and physical assets are protected. However, one item can be easily overlooked in the quest to fortify a business: the preservation of emails. Are important emails being deleted right now as you read this blog? Do you have a method in place for quickly retrieving messages or attachments?

Email archiving solutions store a read-only, searchable backup of the data either onsite or offsite using a combination of hardware or secure cloud storage methods. An automated system extracts each message (with attachments) from designated accounts. The information is then indexed and stored safely for access later by permitted employees. Anyone with access may then use search filters to track down received or sent messages.
Additional Protection for Your Business
Archiving solutions are different from simple storage solutions because they store the data in an unmodified format that offers search capabilities. A typical backup solution does not store this information in an organized, read-only format, which is required for compliance and legal discovery. Here are 5 ways email archiving benefits your business:
1. Data Preservation & Recovery – Regardless of what part of the planet you operate from, a sudden disaster is possible. It could be a bad storm where a drive is fried by lightening or something more significant such as a hurricane. In these situations, data recovery is essential. Email archiving supports these needs as well as any data preservation objectives. 
2. Legal Discovery & Compliance – Email archiving makes it easy to retrieve one or more messages in an unaltered format. Having this capability is beneficial in litigation cases where message information must be retrieved as part of the discovery process. It also helps your company remain compliant with Federal regulations.
3. Quick Message Retrieval – Have you ever deleted an important message unintentionally? Email archiving maintains the original format and provides an organized solution for quickly retrieving the information. Only a few seconds are necessary to find and retrieve the content of the email.
4. Centralized Storage & Administration – Email archiving solutions provide a centralized solution that is easy to manage. Employees do not have to spend countless hours maintaining message data, which allows for easier data management and improved productivity.
5. Cost Management Benefits – Archiving delivers cost savings opportunities by reducing the amount of required resources for backing up this data and reducing the hours needed to maintain them. Associated cost savings may then be dedicated to other business objectives.
Outside of these key benefits, the process frees up space on email servers thus reducing the amount of stress put on them. It also eliminates the potential side effects of accidental deletion or lost messages. Most importantly, the introduction of an email archiving solution ensures your business is protected regardless of what unexpected situation occurs. By using a dependable solution, it is easy to remain compliant with federal regulations, to protect this data, and to retain critical company knowledge.