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“Friends don’t let friends build data centers”

October 22, 2015 By Andrew Kelly - Inside Account Manager, Central Region
“Friends don’t let friends build data centers”

Let me clarify, if you work for actual data centers and you provide the services, you’re the exception. I’m talking about us SMBs, why do we even need to manage actual rows and racks of servers? Even pinpointing down to Exchange as an example, why do we really need to have an on-prem Exchange server?

The hardest thing to quantify is the shift from capital expense to operating expense. Cloud now provides organization with the ability to rent versus outright buy. The best part of this shift is that it lets your organization become very agile. You’re comparing processes between an IT personnel who can login to a fleshed out UI, make selections and press a button to deploy versus sending your architect to first think about the current infrastructure, design the server, order and build the server, check for heat/electricity/bandwidth/wire management/labeling requirements to finally install the software. Sure, that might be worst case scenario but if you’re managing a data center, that’s part of your job.

Back to the example of Exchange. To simply support it, you will need to think about storage, restoration options alongside disaster recovery. Uptime is key as we all know that email is still the main method of communication in organization. We can shift a majority of the concern out of Internal IT when moving to O365 in this case. IT can go back and focus on helping the business grow through other means.

Oh yeah, did I mention that O365’s quarterly uptime is 99.99%?