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October, 2015

Shared Mailboxes or Distribution Groups in Office 365?

October 29, 2015 - Chris Lee - Cloud Deployment Engineer

This question has come up more than once so I thought I would put up some thoughts on the topic. The short answer is that for most cases, organizations should take advantage of shared mailboxes—especially in Office 365/Exchange Online.

What are shared mailboxes?

“Friends don’t let friends build data centers”

October 22, 2015 - Andrew Kelly - Inside Account Manager, Central Region

“Friends don’t let friends build data centers”

Let me clarify, if you work for actual data centers and you provide the services, you’re the exception. I’m talking about us SMBs, why do we even need to manage actual rows and racks of servers? Even pinpointing down to Exchange as an example, why do we really need to have an on-prem Exchange server?


October 16, 2015 - Hannah Rachel Smith - Cloud Business Development Rep

Oct 16th, 2015 

“Office 365 is the new Exchange and one will cannibalize the other. The key is to ensure that current Exchange customers can transition on their own terms.”
- Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

Not Office 365!!

October 14, 2015 - Walker Hansen - Cloud Business Development Rep

I had to eat my words in an argument today. I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it one bit. I have been telling my colleagues that I am not excited about going to Office 365 because it’s just another web documents service. I hate Google docs. I can’t cut and paste the way I’m used to. All my keyboard shortcuts don’t work. Are you kidding me!!! The only way we’re surviving as a small business is because of my absolute efficiency with Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.

A real, non admin, user perspective...

October 02, 2015 - Tom Holmes - Cloud Solution

I know what you're thinking - another bloody review of Google for Work and Microsoft Office 365!  You're right, it is, but with a slight twist.  I've had the experience of using both, in a sales role, and using them on different devices from different places.   It wasn't an assignment review and I certainly wasn't asked for any feedback on the systems.   I suppose that's the beauty of blogging - I can give an opinionated comparison from the user standpoint - and not a particularly technical user at that.

A little too connected?

October 02, 2015 - Tom Holmes - Cloud Solution

As we zoom towards December, I have no doubt my children and family members will ask Father Christmas for some popular digital device. For good or bad, we live in a world where electronic devices outnumber people.  We create more data and information than we could possibly consume.

  • 3 billion people with internet-connected devices
  • 212 billion sensors, devices and things by 2020
  • 90% of world’s data created in the last two years